The world's first Virtual Water Network Operator (VWNO)

Advanced IoT enabled Virtual water Network , with connected devices to monitor the entire water grid, powerful analytics, predictive maintenance for industrial, utility and smart city projects.

A smart, integrated water grid.

HydroIQ SmartGrid virtualizes physical water infrastructure using connected devices for metering, pressure, level and quality monitoring at household level and along existing water network, turning the traditional system into a smart water grid. 


Water Suppliers.


HydroIQ SmartGrid brings water infrastructure alive with a set of connected devices at consumer level and along existing water network to achieve a smart water grid. 


Property and utility Managers

Through HydroIQ platform, property managers can monitor, manage, bill, invoice and receive payments remotely and online, cutting down operational overheads, improving tenant / customer service and cut down revenue losses.

Commercial & Industrial Water Management.

Monitor water consumption trends with a variety of sensors all in a virtual platform. HydroIQ SmartGrid provides realtime data, analytics and reports to meet all sustainability and regulatory needs.

Partner network providers


Frequently asked questions

What is the worlds first "Virtual Water Network Operator"?

A Virtual water network opertor (VWNO), invented by Hydrologistics Africa, borrows from the concept of Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) model, which allows HydroIQ to offer enhanced water and utility grid manaagement and build services on top of the existing water infrastracture, by using IoT and smart technologies to enhance service delivery to the end water consumers.

How do water suppliers benefit from this model?

As an end supplier of water, HydroIQ takes away all the manual and physical customer service, billing , metering and operational processess and automates them to ensure smooth, flexible and accurate billing and payments across all mobile platforms.

As a water supplier, what are the benefits of HydroIQ?

  1. Billing and payments go up. (3X)
  2. Customer service cost goes down.
  3. Retention of your consumers goes up
  4. Operational cost goes down
  5. Choose your suppliers without affecting water delivery.

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