Go Fully digital with HydroIQ SmartBilling

SmartBilling enables property managers and utilities to digitize their water metering, billing invoicing, payments, reports and customer service without replacing their current infrastructure. 

HydroIQ Snap

Zero error Meter Reading.

HydroIQ Snap mobile app captures meter readings using phone's camera accurately. 
Snap uses computer vision to accurately capture and send all meter data reducing human error to Zero.
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HydroIQ Pay

Collect 100% of utility bills with a payment guarantee

HydroIQ Pay enables property managers and utilities to get paid in 2 steps. With HydroIQ pay, we guarantee 100% utility bill collection ensuring zero revenue loss and zero follow-ups, cutting your operational costs by over 90%.

Analytics and Reports

Realtime analytics and custom utility reports.

Monitor consumption trends, billing and payment reports,  get predictive analytics and insights to optimize water use for your property .

Customer Service

Handle tenant & consumer issues  supported by real data.

HydroIQ SmartBilling provides a gateway to managing tenant billing issues,  metering inaccuracies, payment reminders, invoice  notifications and reporting water supply issues. 

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I register for HydroIQ SmartBilling?

Click on "Register" on our our Website. You will be directed to a registration page. Enter your registration details. After a request for for registration is received, You will receive a personalized email. (i) Click on 'Confirm email" (iii) Log in to your account using the created password.

Q: How can I add a user to the platform?

The platform provides for addition of two categories of users. (i). The property managers. (ii). Meter readers. The process of addition of users is similar for both the meter readers and property managers. "Click on users"

Q: Can a property manager add another property manager as a user?

The initial holder of a platform account can add a property manager as a user. The property manager will share the same platform rights with the the account holder. The added manager will be able to access all the data relating to the meters added under the account and will be able to manage both the meter readers and the meter data.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of properties under an Account.

The platform allows users (property managers) to register as many properties as they own. To simplify the process of identification and management, the property manager is able to assign properties to other property managers under one account. The property manager also may assign different properties to different meter readers.

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