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Transparent pricing to match water & utility management needs

HydroIQ Snap

Zero paper work

List all your properties

Have 100% Visibility

Fully digital Zero  human error


$150.00 / Month

HydroIQ Pay

HydroIQ Snap

HydroIQ Scan and Pay .

Bill payments Guarantee

Smart Notification across all platforms.

Automated reports



Industrial Analytics

Industrial water consumption trends.

Leakage detection.

Predictive analytics.

Insights to optimize water use 

Smart Grid

Fully Virtual water network

Smart Metering (AMR & AMI )

Leakage detection

Advanced Analytics

Custom Integrations


Dedicated Support team

Detailed Feature review


HydroIQ Basic  - Go Paperless

Zero paper work

List all your properties under one platform

Have 100% Visibility across all properties

Fully digital with Zero  human error in billing & invoicing 

Manage up to 500 meters

List up to 20 properties

HydroIQ Pro - Collect 100% utility Bills

Scan and Pay self-care app

Mobile Money Intergration

Bill Payment Guarantee

Automated Reports

Smart (Email/SMS) Auto-Notifications & reminders on usage, billing & payments.

HydroIQ snap App for meter reading

Unlimited number of managed meters

Unlimited number of managed properties

HydroIQ Enterprise - 100% Visibility from source to consumer

Smart Water Grids (Virtual water network)

Monitor and manage industrial water consumption

Smart Meter & sensor integration ( AMI & AMR )

Realtime Leakage detection

Advanced maintenance and predictive analytics

Custom Integrations

Realtime data through APIs

Dedicated technical support team

Smart Meter integration ( AMI & AMR )

Multiple reports to meet sustainability & regulatory requirements.

Make Every Drop Count. Get up and running in 3 days.