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Welcome - Definitions

Q: Who is an HydroIQ user

An individual who owns or manages an HydroIQ account or is registered under an account on the platform. HydroIQ Platform recognizes three sets of users from the front end; (i). Account Owner
(ii). The Account/property Manager (Account user)
(iii). Meter Readers. (Snap App user)

An account owner may register a property manager, and meter reader under a particular property, assign and re-assign a meter reader, assign a property manager to a property or set of properties.

Q: What is HydroIQ SmartBilling

SmartBilling is a water and utility management platform for managing all your properties' water supply from sourcing, consumption to billing and payments. SmartBilling digitizes the whole processes of: (i). Metering (Meter reading) (ii). Consumption monitoring (iii). Automating the billing processes. (iv). Managing bill invoicing (v). Payments management (collections via HydroIQ Pay) (vi). Customer service automation

Q: Who is an Enterprise Customer

This are often large entities or users with more specific requirements, An enterprise customer is a user with a specific use case that does not fit to the usual offering as described in our product offerings. You qualify as an enetrprise customer if you have a project that requires some custom integrations to other existing systems within your organization or require a whole new set of unique solution for a specific project. Examples

(i). Large Smart City projects (i). Specific industrial use cases (iv). Large Water service providers (v). Integrated Utilities Management

Q: What is a SmartBilling meter account

A meter account is an account to which a specific meter is assigned. For properties and buildings, a metering account is the housing unit assigned to the specific meter, through which all transactions can be accessed and managed from.

Q: What is HydroIQ Snap

HydroIQ Snap is a mobile application that helps meter readers to accurately automate the meter reading process.
The App uses computer vision to capture readings, eliminating human errors in meter reading and make the process faster.

All the readings are automatically backed up and sent to the SmartBilling platform instantly for realtime processing of bills, invoices and payments.

The app can be downloaded using THIS LINK.
or Scan the QR Code below

Q: What is HydroIQ SmartGrid

HydroIQ's SmartGrid is a Virtual Water Network that uses connected devices and Internet of Things "IoT" devices to monitor water consumption in realtime, for large water service providers, utilities and industries.

The SmartGrid brings all the physical water infrastracture into a digital virtual network for
(i). Realtime Monitoring and visibility (ii). Leakage detection (iii). Remote control (iv). Automation of most processes (v). Billing and payments
(vi). Other services on top of the HydroIQ platform Send a request to smartgrid@hydroiq.co.ke Alternatively, you can fill this form: Link

Q: What is HydroIQ Pay

HydroIQ Pay is a dedicated payment system developed to enable property managers and utility managers to collect and manage all payments through HdroIQ Platfom.
HydroIQ pay supports most of the available payment channels available locally and internationally.
Send a request to pay@hydroiq.co.ke Alternatively, you can fill this form: Link

Getting Started

Sign up for HydroIQ SmartBilling

To use HydroIQ SmartBilling and access real time, accurate, utility data you will need to create an account at : Use THIS LINK to request access. Note: We verify all requests. If successiful, you will be redirected to a account set up page. Once your account is approved, the next step is to login and create and manage your properties. It takes less than a minute to sign-up :)

Requesting for a quote or proposal

For Enterprise users, we may need a more detailed assessment to offer the best solution. This applies mostly to these products:
(i). HydroIQ SmartGrid (ii). HydroIQ Industrial Analytics (iii). Custom water management solutions (iv). Large real estate, commercial or smart city projects Depending on the nature of your project, HydroIQ can provide a FREE assesment and provide the best solution. You can use THIS LINK to talk to our sales team or Email our sales team : sales@hydroiq.co.ke ; Call them on: +254 (0) 202008652

Using manual meters with SmartBilling

SmartBilling works perfectly with Manual meters. So you don't need to change or replace the existing manual metering infrastructure. We will only add a unique identity to each meter for you to enjoy the full benefits of SmartBilling including automating reading, billing, invoicing, paymemts and customer service. Request for technical advice in THIS LINK.
You can also visit our shop for recommended manual meters: https://hydroiq.africa/shop

Using Smart Meters with SmartBilling

SmartBilling platform works perfectly with Smart Meters of all types from different manufacturers.

HydroIQ SmartMeters are recommended by us for fast, easy integration and go-live process for all our customers. Visit our shop to select the suitable smart meter for your operations.
Shop link: https://hydroiq.africa/shop Request for technical assistance in THIS LINK

Download HydroIQ Snap App

You can download the Snap app on THIS LINK or by Scanning the QR Code below.
All the readings are automatically backed up and sent to the SmartBilling platform instantly.

Contacting technical support team

We understand that you may need support during on-boarding, while using SmartBilling or for other issues that may arise. Use the live chat function in the platform (Preferred) or Email support on: support@hydroiq.co.ke or Call support on: +254 (0) 20 7853011


Registering for HydroIQ SmartBilling

(i). Click on "Signup" on our Website. (ii). We verify all requests we receive. So check your inbox if the request is successiful. (iii) Once approved, you will be directed to a registration page. Enter your registration details. After a request for for registration is received, You will receive a personalized confirmation email on a successiful registration from : no-reply@hydroiq.co.ke. If it does NOT come to your inbox, please check your spam box. Now you can proceed to https://app.hydroiq.uk/ to log in to your account using the email and password you used in registration.

Adding users to the platform

The process of addition of users is similar for all user types supported in the platform. (i). Click on "Users" in the menu.
(ii). Click on "New User"
(iii). Fill in the user deatails, select the role/user type in the drop down.
(iv). Click "Submit"

Managing users on SmartBilling platform

Go to "Users" on the menu. Click on "All users". Select any user you wish to manage and proceed with the actions. Assigning a user to a property (i). Go to the specific property. (ii). Click on "Show Property".
(iii). Scroll to "Associate user". On the drop down, select the user.

Registering a new property

Upon log in, you will have the option of either to "Manage a property" already regietered or "Register a new property" (i). Click on "Register a new property" (ii). Fill in the details and follow the instructions.

Using HydroIQ Snap

(i). Download and install the app from Google playstore. Use THIS LINK. (ii). Open the App and enter your Log in details. Note: The log in details are automatically sent to the meter reader upon their registration. (iii). Click on any meters to manage and preview historical data. (iv). Follow the procedure to capture new readings.

Downloading the Snap App

You can download the Snap app on THIS LINK or by Scanning the QR Code below.
All the readings are automatically backed up and sent to the SmartBilling platform instantly.

Adding metering devices

To add meters, go to: (i) "Menu" (ii) "Meters" (ii) "New meter" (iv) "Add meters"

You may have "Post Pay". and "Pre-pay" meters, "Smart" or "Manual" options. (v). Key in the number of the different meters you have.
(vi). Click on Submit.

Managing a Meter Account

Go to: (i). Menu (ii). "Meters" > "All meters" Note: You will have a list of all meters registered on the platform. You can search any specific meter by its unique ID. (iii). Click on "View" or "Edit" (iv). "View" > Takes you to meter account page. Enables you to see all reading history, transactional history, meter details and account details. You can also update key account details from the "View" page. You can also: (i). Generate and download reports. (ii). Manage account
(iii). etc Note: For Smart meters , the view page provides realtime data, ability to control meters etc.

Checking for Smart and Manual Readings.

(i). Go to "Menu" (ii). Click on "Readings" (iii). Click on the different options in the sub-menu. (iv). If Manual meters are used, go to "All readings" (v). If Smart meters are connected, go to "Smart Readings"

Checking payments and payment history

(i). Go to "Menu" (ii). Go to "Payments"
(iii). Click on "Customer Payments"

First time log in to the SmartBilling platform

(i). Go to https://app.hydroiq.uk/ (ii). Key in your correct email and correct password. (iii). You'll get a dashboard with the message "No registered property. Please register property."

Managing your account subscription plan

(i). Go to "Menu" (ii). Click on "Payments" (iii). Click on "Subscriptions" Here, you can manage your (i). Billing history. (ii). Available invoices. (iii). Payment methods.

Product Updates

HydroIQ SmartBilling platform - May 2021

  1. You can now create and manage multiple properties with one account
  2. You can now assign multiple properties to a proerty manager or agency
  3. You can now export all your data for external processing.
  4. Automated reminders to customers
  5. You can now have fully control for smart meters through SmartBilling platform.
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HydroIQ Snap - October 2020

1. Multiple readers can now be managed from the smartbilling platform. 2. Local data backup on phone incase of poor connectivity. 3. Realtime data update with data validation


Q: Is there a limit on number of properties in a SmartBilling Account.

The platform allows users (Account owners) to register and manage a limited number of properties they own. This is based on the selected plan.

To simplify the process of identification and management, the account owner is able to assign and re-assign properties to other property managers under one account. The property manager also may assign and re-assign different properties to different meter readers.

Q: Is the Snap app available for iOS

No. Currently the app is only available for android users. We shall release the iOS version within the coming days. You can fill this form to get notified when we release it. Here's the link for the FORM

Q: Does HydroIQ Pay work with all other payment methods

HydroIQ Pay is currently avalible for select payment methods, including: (i). Mpesa (Kenya) (ii). Most Banks (Kenya) (iii). Credit cards (Global) (iv). Paypal (Global) We will be releasing new payments integrations in the coming days. If you have. a specific as, please emails us on pay@hydroiq.co.ke

Q: What categories of meters are accommodated in SmartBilling

HydroIQ's SmartBilling platform accomodates all types of water utility metering devices. (i). Manual meters Some manual meters come with a pulse output, others do not. The platform accomodates both. (ii). Smart Meters Smart meters use different communication technlogies. The platform can integrate with all the currently available Internet Of Things (IoT) technologies in the market including 1. LoRa smart meters. 2. NBIoT smart meters. 3. Sigfox smart meters.
4. GPRS meters 5. Industrial grade (PLC, RS485 etc)

Q: Is there a limit to the number of metering accounts

Currently, HydroIQ's SmartBilling platform has no limit to the number of metering device accounts you can have per individual property. For enterprise solutions, this may change.

Q: How secure is SmartBilling

  1. Hydrologistics Africa has invested heavily on the security of the systems that operate in Africa.
  2. We provide an end to end four layer security topology. From the hardware level ( Smart Meters), Network level, the data base level and the application level.
  3. At the application level, we encrypt all data from the users with highest encryption technology in the market.
  4. In cases of fear of loss of data, we have developed mechanism to scan and monitor activities on our network while equally maintaining the confidentiality of user data.
Reade further on our privacy policey and terms of use on THIS LINK.

Q: Do you have solutions for Small Community Water Projects?

YES. HydroIQ has solutions for all kinds of water projects from small water suppliers to large water utilities.

(i). Bore hole water for communal distrubution (ii). Small water treatment plants (iii). Gated communities and estates (iv). Commercial and real estate integrated utility management Talk to our technical sales team for a demo or solution assessment. Email: sales@hydroiq.co.ke Call us on +254 (0) 202008652

Q: What solution is the best for water vending points

HydroIQ Point of sale solutions work for clean water vending points. We also provide a wireless solution to make deliver data in realtime for visibility in all water sales by volume and revenue tracking. Our HydroIQ SmartBilling system easily integrates with the most commonly available available vending systems with support of mobile money payments. Contact our technical sales team for more informations and quotation on the available options or visit our online shop using the link: https://hydroiq.africa/shop. Talk to our technical sales team for a demo or solution assessment. Email: sales@hydroiq.co.ke Call us on +254 (0) 202008652

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