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$10 Setup Fee


Up to 5 user accounts
Manage up to 500 meters
Smart HydroIQ Meter reader App
Automatic Billing, Invoicing
Generate water Reports
Automated Invoicing
Smart Notifications
HydroIQ Consumer App

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Collect 100% of your water bills
Manage unlimited number of Meters
Mobile payments Intergration
Automated Tenant Invoice
Leak detection
Up to 30 user accounts
Flexible device payment plan
All features in HydroIQ Flexi

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Unlimited User Accounts
SmartMeter Integration (AI/AMR)
Remote meter reading (HydroIQ Pulse)
Generate billing Reports
Advanced analytics
Predictive analytics & maintenance
APIs and custom Integrations
Dedicated technical support
All feature in HydroIQ Pro

Digitize metering, billing, payments, analytics with a single platform

        HydroIQ Pay
Get all your utility bills paid in a fast secure and easy way

Monitor your water distribution network from source to consumer

        HydroIQ Store
Explore SmartBilling ready products to quickly integrate with HydroIQ

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