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Ultrasonic Water Meter Ultrasonic Water Meter Pulse M-Bus RS485 Modbus SC7 Serials

  • Compatible with HydroIQ SmartBilling
  • Suitable for industrial and commercial applications

Ultrasonic Smart Bulk meter

SKU: 217537123517253
Ksh120,000.00 Regular Price
Ksh111,600.00Sale Price
  • The Remote Reading System we use can be RS485 and wired & wireless M-bus communication interfaces.

    Direct reading ultrasonic water meter is used for measuring, storage and display water flow.

    Nominal Diameter: DN15~DN300.
    Application range: Tap-water pipe net system

    • Compatible with HydroIQ SmartBilling 
    • Low starting flow rate, minimum flow rate 1/3 of traditional water meter.
    • Installation at any angel, no influence for measurement accuracy.
    • Compile to drinkable water standard requirement.
    • Above 10 years shelf life.
    • Water temperature detection, low temperature alarm.
    • Ultrasonic signal quality detection.
    • Complies to MODBUS RTU and EN 13757 communication protocol.
    • Photosensitive button, IP 68 design, longtime under water working.
    • Support optical, RS485 and wired & wireless M-bus communication interfaces.
    • No moving part, no wear, long term stable operation with ultrasonic flow sensor.

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