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Re-imagining Access, Utility and Distribution of Water.

HydroIQ helps water suppliers, property managers and consumers to automate metering, billing, payments and customer service while ensuring transparency across the water distribution network.

Trusted by global industry leaders.

Our team works to re-imagine water grids.

  • Remotely managed & connected

  • Transparent pricing & utility SmartBilling

  • Highest operational efficiency

  • Real-time leakage detection and response

  • Best in class customer service for consumers

HydroIQ Platform.gif

Powerful analytics from source to consumer

  • Unique insights on sourcing & consumption trends

  • Fast integration into IoT monitoring devices

  • API integrations with third party applications

  • Actionable insights, predictive maintenance and Leakage alerts.

  • Automated reports to meet sustainability and compliance needs

A complete solution for all water management needs.

Snap & Bill

Remove all the human error in 3 steps. Scan, snap and bill using HydroIQ Snap app.

HydroIQ Snap

SNAP & BILL removes all human errors, powered by computer vision technology to take & validate readings for you.

HydroIQ SmartGrid

Turn your water network into a smart water grid with remote metering, leak detection, consumption trends.


AMR & AMI enabled smart water grid, with major IoT Networks for remote metering, billing, payments & leakage detection.

Scan & Pay

Pay for your Bills in 2 steps. Scan & Pay. Integrated Mobile money payments.

HydroIQ Pay

HydroIQ PAY gets you paid 100% of your water bills, get smart notifications & powerful insights for better water management.

HydroIQ Analytics

Real-time analytics from source to consumer, custom reports, smart notifications, all in one platform

HydroIQ Analytics

A single platform to monitor consumption trends, leakages, predictive analytics and insights to optimize water use .








2/3 of the world population could be living in water stressed conditions by 2025 according to UN


50% of the water supplied by utilities in Africa is lost before reaching the consumer due to leakages.


45% of potential revenue is lost due to poor infrastructure and poor bill payment

Media and Awards.

Why HydroIQ ?


Make Every Drop Count. Get up and running in 3 days.

Digitize metering, billing, payments, analytics with a single platform

        HydroIQ Pay
Get all your utility bills paid in a fast secure and easy way

Monitor your water distribution network from source to consumer

        HydroIQ Store
Explore SmartBilling ready products to quickly integrate with HydroIQ

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